Our Greatest Resource Bring Value with Their Vision and Work Ethic

Midwest Pro Marketing consists of a knowledgeable staff inside the office and in the field. All team members are capable of handling the demands required of a professional sales force with turnover an extreme rarity in our company.

Field Support Staff

Traci Degard

Customer Care Representative

Peggy Thies

Customer Care Representative

Key Account Executives

Kim Lane

Kim Lane is the President of Midwest Pro Marketing and has been a Manufacturer Representative

Jeff Perry

Executive Vice President
Jeff Perry has been a manufacturer representative for Midwest Pro Marketing since 1985. Today he

Jeff Borys

VIce President
Jeff Borys is a Vice President for Midwest Pro Marketing joining the agency in June

Brent Riemer

VIce President
Brent Riemer joined MPM in 2002 and is currently a Vice President.  He holds a

Larry Stoeven

Larry Stoeven has been a Manufacturer Representative since 1976.  He joined the Sales Agency after

Field Sales Representatives

Wade Enloe

Sales Professional
Wade Enloe is an outside sales representative who joined Midwest Pro Marketing in 1996. He

Bill Lovig

Sales Professional
Bill Lovig has represented Midwest Pro Marketing since joining them in 2008. Territory covered by

Craig Poldberg

Sales Professional
Craig Poldberg has been a manufacturing representative with Midwest Pro Marketing in Iowa and Nebraska since

Mark Stoeven

Sales Professional
Mark Stoeven is an Outside Sales Representative for Midwest Pro Marketing, joining the agency in

Brian Stuk

Sales Professional
Brian Stuk represents Midwest Pro Marketing in eastern and northern Michigan.  Brian joined the MPM

Matt Wilson

Sales Professional
Matt Wilson is an Outside Sales Representative for Midwest Pro Marketing covering the states of

Brian Woods

Sales Professional
Brian Woods is a sales associate covering Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin for the agency. He

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